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Signs of an Affair

This is a very popular search on Google as well as a favored subject that bloggers write about. Needless to say, we get this question a lot as well. Our first response is “What does your gut tell you?”. You know when something is “off” and now you are here to validate the gut feeling […]

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Child Custody Investigations

  When divorce occurs and there are children involved, all to often a custody battle ensues, and sometimes a nasty one at that.  Statistically, 5 out of 6 custody battles end with the mother obtaining custody of children under the age of 21 while 1 in 6 fathers end up with custody.  This equates to […]

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Background Report OR Background Investigation?

Do you need a background REPORT or a background INVESTIGATION? Every week we get a stack of requests for background reports on people. There are lots of reasons to investigate someone’s background. Often times it is associated with on ongoing investigation that we are working on. Other times it may involve a possible roommate, fiance’, […]

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Asset Searches

Just because you win in court and get a judgement does not mean you are going to collect the money you have been awarded. Defendants often hide their assets to keep you from getting to them. We have had great success at locating those hidden assets in all forms. Bank accounts, credit lines, 401k’s and […]

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