Surveillance is used on a large portion of our investigations. It is often used as the primary source of evidence in child custody, infidelity and a lot of our corporate investigations. Surveillance comes in many forms.

  • Static or placed cameras
  • Covert static and mobile surveillance
  • Overt static and mobile surveillance

Each form of surveillance has its specific uses and purpose. The most challenging is covert static and mobile surveillance. This is where we sit on a location to watch the subject or person of interest at a single location or we are following them either on foot or in a vehicle. This is challenging and a lot of pre-surveillance work is done before we even start to ensure success and to handle all the “what if” situations that might occur. Continual training and practice are necessary to keep our skills sharp and to be on the top of our game.



All our surveillance reports are professionally written in chronological order. Images are embedded with date and time stamps on regular timed intervals along with a description of what our investigators observed at that time in addition to any activity that we observe from the subject or person of interest. When we observe any action that could be used as evidence, we also get date and time stamped video of the actions of the subject. All our images, reports and video are court ready for your case.


We have specific protocols for our surveillance, specific report formats and surveillance gear specifications that are specific to our agency to ensure the top level service your deserve for your investigation.

    Our private investigation team incorporates the latest technology and investigative tactics while combining old-fashioned logic with street smarts. Our attention to detailed reporting, combined with tried and true techniques is what has led us to achieve the desired results time and time again.


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