Signs of an Affair

This is a very popular search on Google as well as a favored subject that bloggers write about. Needless to say, we get this question a lot as well. Our first response is “What does your gut tell you?”. You know when something is “off” and now you are here to validate the gut feeling that you are having.

The most common signs:

  • Keeping their phone close, not leaving it out so you can see it
  • Getting calls or texts late at night
  • Increased time away from home
  • Decreased interest in intimacy with you
  • Taking a shower or bath as soon as they get home
  • Hiding their laundry or putting it in the bottom of the laundry basket
  • Doing their laundry when your not around
  • Often unavailable when you call or text
  • Odd call or texts on the cell phone statement
  • Often distracted or disconnected from you emotionally
  • Blocking you from some or all of their social media
  • Sudden deleting of emails and voice mails
  • Working late or going in early
  • Sudden excessive driving, increase in mileage
  • Unexplained browsing history or deleted history on the computer
  • There are many more….

One or two of these things occasionally may not raise concern, but when you start noticing them more frequently or more things occurring, then you need to look into it. We can make that easy for you. The private investigator that will be assigned your case will be discreet and professional at all times. We value your privacy and understand that calling an Atlanta private investigator to discuss something so personal can be tough.

Let our Atlanta Private investigators lift the fog of lies and deceit. Our private investigators cover all of Georgia, not just the Atlanta metro area. Call us for a free, no obligation consult on your case.