Safety and Compliance Investigations

Safety and Compliance Investigations

This is a big issue that is often overlooked until it is too late. What do I mean when I say Safety and Compliance investigation? I will use a common example:

Let’s say your company has had sustained growth over the last 5 years and it looks like that trend will continue. You recognize that the only way to keep up with the growth is to expand your facility or add another one in another location.

This is going to involve hiring a contracting company to handle the construction. The contractor handles all the different aspects of each construction phase. Foundation/Concrete, plumbing, electricity…etc. There will be a long list of sub-contractors that will be coming in and out of your location on a daily basis.

You may have done a 5-star job of picking a contracting company, but how well did the contracting company do when picking its sub-contractors? Do you even know who they are? Probably not. When we are hired by companies to penetration test their security, this is the FIRST thing we look for. Nine times out of ten, we can enter a secured facility with ease as a sub-contractor without a glance and have access to sensitive areas.

Large companies usually have their own interior security and risk solutions team and their job is to mitigate this risk before it happens. They develop firm security protocols when it comes to checking out not only the contracting company, but the sub-contractors, entry/exit to the facility, and safety compliance on the property. Smaller companies do not have this advantage and that leaves the door open to lots of problems.

The construction industry is wrought with corruption and risk. You can navigate these rough seas if you have the right team on your side. Not only can we make sure that your facility and employees remain safe but can also save you money from fines, overbilling and corruption. Some of our services include:

  • Sub-contractor background investigation – This is more than running a report. We go out and look at their previous projects. We talk to prior clients and determine if they stayed on the proposed timeline, and cost. We talk to the county or city inspector to check their history with them as well as check the reputation of the sub-contractor in the industry.
  • Padded Bids and Invoicing – We check the bid process and look for padded bids and invoice from suppliers. Most of the time these are items that are never checked out, but it is the most abused part of the business.
  • Insurance certificate verification – They may have a certificate of insurance, but does it cover where they are doing for you and is it in force? We check and make sure that you, the client, are properly covered.
  • Security – Provide a security plan and implementation to protect your assets and employees.

This is a small sample of what we can do as your Risk Mitigation provider. For a more comprehensive explanation of what we can do for you, contact us today for a consultation.