Missing Father/Mother

You need to know your where you came from. You may or may not want to know the person, but you do need to know about your medical predispositions and know your parents medical history is an excellent way of doing that. You may want some closure or you may want to vent. Whatever the reason is, we can help you. With even the tiniest amount of information we can sort though the possibilities. Once we have what we think is a match we can use DNA to verify it. A simple cheek swab is all it takes to do our paternity/maternity test.



I am not looking to scare you, but runaways immediately put themselves into danger as soon as they leave their house. When you are dealing with an upset juvenile they are capable of doing just about anything, most of which is not in their best interest. It takes a special touch to find these missing children and we go through all the steps to get them back to safety.

Missing Spouse or Loved One

Did they leave on their own accord or were they abducted? Its the first question that we will ask you. Either way, you want to find them and we want to help get them to safety. This is never an easy investigation, but our some of our investigators have experience in these matters and their expertise may make all the difference.

Missing Witnesses

One the more frequently requested services that we get is to locate witnesses. In most cases the witness has no idea that someone is even looking for them. Even if they do, they lay their head somewhere at night, and we will find them.

    Our private investigation team incorporates the latest technology and investigative tactics while combining old-fashioned logic with street smarts. Our attention to detailed reporting, combined with tried and true techniques is what has led us to achieve the desired results time and time again.


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