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We understand how painful it is to learn that the person you love is a cheater, a liar and someone who turned out to be a different person altogether. Coming to terms with the fact that your significant other may be committing adultery or infidelity is very difficult. You want to believe that it is your imagination and you don’t have a cheating spouse, but your gut feeling tells you something is wrong. When you have this feeling you need to find the truth…that is where our private investigators come in.

An investigation into a cheating spouse is already stressful enough. You are already overloaded with difficult decisions, you don’t need another one. We put together our most requested services and products and combined them into an easy package format. If the packages don’t work for what you are wanting to do, just let us know, we can build one for you. You also have the choice of picking our services and products individually. Take advantage of the discounts we offer when you pick a package. Some of them will save you quite a bit of money.


What is the next step? The first thing you need to realize is that this in not your decision. The decision that may have a major impact on your life may have already been made for you by your significant other. You need to realize that you your actions from this point may dictate the next several years of your life. Get ahead of this now, while you still can. Your first step is to get evidence of an affair.

We update you every step of the way from the beginning to the end.

Practiced and proven surveillance techniques to collect the evidence you need.

We offer DNA collection and analysis as another building block of evidence.

We provide up to minute detailed invoicing to ensure adherence to the budget that is set up at the beginning of the case.

We offer cell phone forensics to extract deleted texts, images and call logs. We use Cellebrite and it is 100% court admissible.

    Our private investigation team incorporates the latest technology and investigative tactics while combining old-fashioned logic with street smarts. Our attention to detailed reporting, combined with tried and true techniques is what has led us to achieve the desired results time and time again.


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