What is GPS Tracking used for?

It is typically used to track assets such as vehicles, containers and sometimes people. The most common uses are:

  • Fleet Vehicles such as Police Cars for more efficient dispatching
  • Tractor/Trailers to track shipments for logistics
  • To track teen drivers or new drivers to ensure their safety
  • To track your spouse 

How does it work?

One our licensed private investigators will covertly install the GPS on the vehicle of the person that you want to have observed.Once installed we are able to track them everywhere they go, how long they stop somewhere, and even how fast they drove.

We take care of the installation and removal of the tracker, pay the activation fees and mapping fees and set up all your geo-fences for you. As soon as the person with the tracker enters or leaves a designated area, you will get a text or email. We use the best GPS tracker on the market. This is the easiest, cheapest method of covert surveillance you will find anywhere.

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GPS tracking