DNA analysis is used in many investigations including criminal, civil, child custody and adoption related cases. We have certified DNA experts on staff to collect DNA evidence or samples. Our private investigators maintain strict chain of custody to the certified DNA lab. All samples are checked twice by a fully accredited DNA lab. If you want to know for sure, this is the way to go.

We have certified DNA examiners can assist with an array of investigations be it confirming infidelity, determining paternity, etc.  A simple, non-invasive buccal swab (cheek) in our office or your location is all it takes. 

Our in-house medical facility will analyze the swab and then will be sent to a secondary lab for analysis so that the results are double checked and cannot be refuted.  If you’re suspecting your significant other of being unfaithful, we can analyze the undergarments or sheets to determine if any foreign DNA is present.  The results, while nothing is 100 %, are 99.9999% and extremely difficult to argue with, Contact our office today for a free consultation and to discuss how we can assist you.

  • Paternity
  • Comparison Analysis (cheating spouse)
  • Identification
  • Ancestral Orgins
  • Relationship Testing
  • Immigration
  • Adoption
  • Estate and Will disputes
  • Lots of other uses…

    Our private investigation team incorporates the latest technology and investigative tactics while combining old-fashioned logic with street smarts. Our attention to detailed reporting, combined with tried and true techniques is what has led us to achieve the desired results time and time again.


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