Criminal cases by definition are high risk cases. You want the most experienced and motivated investigator you can find to be on your side. You need the best possible outcome in your case. Our staff has the expertise and tools available to get the truth front and center to a jury or judge.

If you have had your finances plundered by corporate embezzlement or someone has scammed you, you will want to call us so we can begin putting together the puzzle pieces for your day in court. We understand that some companies prefer to stay our of court and handle thing themselves. When you enlist our services, we work for YOU. If you want to keep things in house, discretion is built into the service we provide.

  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Embezzelment

This is just a small list of what we have seen. Many of our Private Detectives are former law enforcement with decades of experience. Police Departments are often overwhelmed and understaffed and simply unable to give your case its entire focus. Let us take a look at it and get things moving in the right direction.


"I did not do it"

Words that are heard in every jail and courtroom in every county in the US. is true. There is nothing worse than having to prove that you didn't do something. The accusation alone can be devastating. Let us take a look at the case.

Our experienced detectives can look at the case from a different viewpoint with an entirely different focus then the District Attorney. Call to discuss your case with us or set up a free in person consultation.


Evidence collection is the cornerstone for almost all criminal investigations. Physical Evidence, Eye Witnesses, Surveillance Footage....all things that can make or break an investigation.

  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • DNA  Analysis
  • Labs for blood and chemical evidence

With our capabilities we set our self apart from many other agencies in this field. If you are serious about your pending case, you want the best for the best possible outcome. Call Black Spear Intelligence.

Criminal Case