When divorce occurs and there are children involved, all to often a custody battle ensues, and sometimes a nasty one at that.  Statistically, 5 out of 6 custody battles end with the mother obtaining custody of children under the age of 21 while 1 in 6 fathers end up with custody.  This equates to about 15 percent. 

      Now, imagine if the mother was unfit.  Imagine if the cause for divorce and the battle over custody of the children was due to infidelity on the fathers part. Suppose for a moment that either side is introducing the children to unsavory individuals.

     Could the scales be tipped either way?  The answer is yes.  With the help of a professional, you can obtain information on either parent to ensure an environment conducive for raising children.  Here is where our office can help. 

     We have handled thousands of child custody cases where one parent or the other has a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or simply cannot provide for their children in the way they need.  In many cases this goes unattended due to the lack of knowledge the parent may have, lack of means, what have you.  This should never be a reason to stop fighting for what is best for your children. 

     Children are our future and need every opportunity to grow up properly and healthy.  Our investigators work hard to give them the chance we all have had, the chance they deserve.  We work along side of family and children services, local municipalities and families to help make sure children are placed with the most responsible parent. 



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Give us a call today to discuss you case.  We will work with you to determine infidelity, drug or alcohol abuse, over night guests, etc.  We are happy when you and your children are happy.