Business Intelligence

Just the other day, I had a business owner ask me “Why do we need a company to handle business intelligence?” He further inquired why do they need intelligence at all. All they have to do is make good products and perform good service.

For some businesses or industries, just doing what you do well, is enough. I guess it depends on how you measure success. If your business makes enough to pay the bills and your employees and can survive in a changing business atmosphere, and your happy with that, then your right. You don’t need us. Just as long as absolutely nothing changes and you never have an internal problems…right.

What if you’re in a business where the landscape changes frequently? What if you have a disruption in your supply chain? What if you have an unforeseen internal problem? There are a lot of what ifs. If your business intends to remain competitive and grow, you need to listen.

Chances are there is no one in your company that has as their primary function or at least a fundamental part of their function to:

  • Make and modify business continuity plans
  • Analyze your changing market and competition
  • Examine factors that are outside of your companies control that affect your business, such as logistics or supply chain
  • Make security assessments to protect your company from internal fraud, intellectual property theft, physical and cyber threats and a host of other serious problems that you don’t like to think about
  • Policy review for industry compliance and risk mitigation

If the company is forward thinking and values their continued sustainability they may have someone that does market analysis or even someone that handles some security functions. They rarely have someone that covers all the bases. The truth is, it is a lot for one person. You need a team. The problem is, most companies recognize that they need this function, but can’t embrace the idea of having a full time team for something that might happen.

This is why so many clients have turned to Black Spear Intelligence for their business intelligence needs. We provide all of the above services as well as market emergence analysis for companies looking for an international presence, provide highly trained security professionals for travel security, negotiations of all kinds, and very comprehensive competitor analysis.

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