Background Report vs. Background Investigation

Background Report or Background Investigation?

We get a lot of requests for background reports for various reasons, but are you asking for the right solution? Yes, a background report will suffice for some situations, but in many cases what you really need is a background investigation instead. Our private investigators put a lot of focus on our background investigations because we know how important it is to you to get the right information if you are asking for a full investigation. Ask what solution best fits your needs from one of our Atlanta private investigators today.

What is the difference?

Background Report:


  • Quick result
  • Cost is lower
  • Answers simple, easy questions


  • Information not verified
  • Usually based on public records
  • Limited to specific types of information

Background Investigation:


  • Not limited to public information
  • In depth answers to questions
  • Character profile is developed
  • Tells more about how they live or work
  • Information verified by various sources


  • If usually more expensive than a report
  • Takes longer to develop a full investigation