Activity Checks

Our Insurance Services division sends its private investigators to provide Activity Checks and Wellness Checks. We perform direct and indirect contact with the subject to determine their general health as well as their physical abilities and limitations.

Whether we are making a scheduled appointment with the subject for an evaluation or we are discreetly canvasing the neighborhood to check the subjects physical activity, you will be able to count on Black Spear Intelligence to provide you with current and solid intelligence so you can make a sound decision on their claim. This tactic is often used in Workers Comp cases.

Wellness checks

We offer with any investigation, an alive and well check of the claimant at no additional cost to the client.  With this, we verify the claimant's identity and determined that he or she is receiving their benefits on time and determine that if any their needs are to ensure a smooth process.  We also take recorded claimant and or witness statements regarding the loss and complete a detailed report if the findings.
If necessary we have an in-house medical team to support our private detectives with a scheduled wellness check. This gives us the added advantage of having a medical component available when needed.


Hispanic businessman being greeted in doorway

Hispanic businessman being greeted in doorway