Call our team at Black Spear Intelligence when you need a private investigator to look for the answers you need. The staff at our Atlanta office is available to help you at a moments notice. All you have to do is call 888-803-2764 or email us at to get your private investigation case started.

Investigations are the cornerstone of our company. Our private detectives are both highly trained and experienced.

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Attorney Services

Our Attorney Services team offers expedited document filing and retrieval to offering a full medical support team.

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Technology Services

Our Technology Services bring additional tools to our investigations such as cell phone forensics.

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Insurance Services

Our Insurance Services offers a full menu of investigations and support services for insurance companies.

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Adultery Investigation


Unlocking a cell phone

Cell Phone

DNA analysis
DNA Testing

Paternity Test

Covert GPS Tracker


Surveillance Agent


TSCM / Bug Sweeps
Bug Sweeps


Latest News

Background Report or Background Investigation

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Do you need a background REPORT or a background INVESTIGATION? Every week we get a stack of requests for background reports on people. There are lots of reasons to investigate someone’s background. Often times it...

Solutions though investigations and intelligence

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Other Divisions

Private investigation
Investigations Divison


Our Investigations team is staffed with experienced professionals with the latest tools and technologies. Call us today.

Workers Comp Investigation
Medical Division

Mobile Labs

Our Medical Team has many unique abilities that include the ability to provide a mobile lab to full mission support in special situations.

UAV operators getting ready to launch
Technology Division


Our Technology Division provided the equipment and expertise in everything from high end communications to UAV's.

Intelligence agent providing security
Mission Support

Security and Logistics

Security, Logistics, Construction, Management, Training and Intelligence for CONUS and OCONUS misisons.